For centuries, numerous cultures held onto the assumption that polar research and exploration were male-only domains. Anyone interested in the history of our planet knows the names of the great explorers – Amundsen, Shackleton, or Scott. Among Polish polar explorers it’s Arctowski, Dobrowolski, and Siedlecki that became famous. Meanwhile, women were also engaged in polar research; they were pioneers in many fields and thus hold an important place in the story. In recent years, women have been at the forefront of the world’s leading polar research organizations; they run stations and led many field teams and major international expeditions.

The film “Ant/Arctic Women” shows untold stories of Polish female pioneers of polar research in the Arctic and Antarctic. Among them are expedition leaders and researchers with great achievements who have flourished in a male-dominated environment. They fearlessly wintered in bases and worked in the most difficult conditions. The results of their work contribute to the study of changes in climate and the condition of the entire planet. It is a story about ambition, stubbornness in pursuing one’s goals, and making dreams come true.




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